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In-Home Services

In-home programs provide an opportunity for your child to receive intensive one on one intervention at home, social and play skills support and facilitation, and behavior management techniques and support for the family. Generalization and social thinking are embedded throughout each learner’s program to promote growth and understanding.

Therapists typically work 1:1 with your child in intensive 2- or 3-hour sessions. Two to three sessions per day are typically recommended for the most optimum progress, depending on your child’s individual needs. Therapists are trained in the principles of ABA and how to implement the programs designed specifically for your child. Sessions are structured to incorporate the most effective teaching techniques within ABA (such as frequent trial presentations, task interpersonal to build behavior momentum, Applied Verbal Behavior strategies, and natural environment teaching). Children learn to enjoy therapy and form close bonds with their therapists.

Currently, we provide in-home services as a supplement to our in-center services.

Please note that if you live more than 20 miles away from our office that you are not eligible for supplemental in-home services.

This does not affect in-center service eligibility.